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Hello food, wine & beer pals! Welcome to my photo-journal of food, wine and beer adventures. I'm pictured on the right and my home brewing pal, Aron is on the left. Years ago I started watching the Food Network, saving recipe's, making recipe's, trying new things, tasting new things, and it's all blossomed from there, including the weekly tastings (beer & wine) at BevMo. I'm hooked on variety and continuing my search for tasty goodness all over the world. Please feel free to email me with comments and ideas at FoodieWinonBrew@yahoo.com Bon Appetito!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Right now at BevMo is the "Nickel Sale" where you can buy a selected wine (of many) and get the same bottle for 5 cents! It's quite the bargain and also, a great opportunity for us "$10 or under a bottle" drinkers to justify the expense of paying over $10 for a bottle--because it's simply a great deal! And the marketing geniuses at BevMo know it. (Confidentially—haha, not anymore--my sister pronounced it "BEEV-MOE" until I corrected her: it's short for "Beverages and More!"..."Bev-Mo." She still pronounces it "BEEV-Moe" for ol' times sake.) This "Super Tuscan" California red is a blend from 3 different vinyards, bringing a medium-full body sweet “butter-bomb” goodness to the palate. Cosentino Winery, vintage 2006 Sangiovese, Il Chiaretto, is a lovely ride. With alcohol hitting 14.9% you’ll feel the lovely mantra of “feelin’ fine as wine”—one of Baretta’s favorite quotes (remember the TV series Baretta?) Notes of black cherry, dark chocolate, with ripe berries and plumb dance about with a subtle touch of oak finish. “Good times are had by all” when drinking this lovely red while enjoying the “RIB-EYE LOVE SUPREME!” Coming soon: “RIB-EYE LOVE SUPREME” recipe!

Buon Appetito!

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