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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I’d like to bring your attention to the brewing efforts of one Ninkasi Brewery in my uncle's "hood" Eugene, Oregon--and the beauty of my favorite kind of brewing—hopped up! Yep, I love “hoppy brews”—I think I mentioned that before. Today’s beer tasting brings us to the seasonal Spring Reign Ale, which is still on its majestic throne, since I was able to buy it at BevMo last Saturday. Its’ gold-amber unfiltered look is extremely inviting at the end of a hard day. And since it’s only retailed in 22 ounce bottles you could call this a lovely entre meal in itself. At first taste is full malt and hops with a lingering balanced salt-yeasty goodness that keeps my palate affirming: “I would like some more please…” The 6% alcohol by volume gives this brew buzz a mellow one once you’ve imbibed it. Upon my next visit to Eugene I will make a special effort to see the new Ninkasi Brewery—I hear they’re building a bigger brewery! Ninkasi—the Sumarian matriarch goddess of beer--be praised! I hope that they will make Spring Reign a year round brew—it’s my favorite of the retail brews available from Ninkasi--all due respect to those other magnificent efforts of which I will review in due time. One last mention of how I appreciate the reasonable 22 ounce price: I can pick up this for $3.99 at BevMo—for the quality of this beer this is a “capital investment” worth risking. All you “hop-dawgs” out there should check it out.


  1. For your own safety I would do a little more research on who is the mascot for Eugene and who is the mascot for Corvallis. Just sayin. :)

  2. You're totally right, my mistake...I'll change that ignorant action--thanks pal! Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate your input:)