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Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm a confessed anglophile: I love things English. My mom used to tell me about our genealogical ties to England and I was fascinated. Years later I spent a month there drinking my brains out…literally. Before I got to the UK, I was a minimal drinker, but for some reason, when I was over there, I drank everyday…although I have to say I was on vacation. I like to imbibe when I’m on vacation because I'm on vacation. My friend who lives in London said that when she had other visitors they said the same thing: they were occasional drinkers, however in London, they were drinking everyday, like they’d be hypnotized to do so. It’s not hard to notice the overflowing pubs—literally into the street--at “Tube rush hour.” The other fantastic attraction to “drinking every day in the UK,” are all the regional pubs that brew something different that you’ve never tried. As part of your vacation you get to drink the magical local potions of ale! As part of my beer tasting ritual at BevMo on Fridays I cruise the beer aisles, looking for new attractions. Sometimes I can’t resist. This time I was drawn to the pint size, oval shaped St. Peter’s Organic English Ale, in a hunter green colored bottle. It had an “old school” air that charmed me, and once poured, went well with my spicy garlic mashers. Further pairing research (as in purchasing another pint) may be required, to determine if the pint was as “bloody good” as I thought it was. “Haha”—I used a “colloquialism.” Like I said, it went well with my spicy garlic mashers (that’s garlic mashed potatoes with Del Taco “mild sauce” splashed on them, creating a “crime scene” effect). Made in Suffolk (UK) St. Peter's Organic English Ale will not disappoint if you like a medium bodied, malt barley pitch that lingers in bucolic reverie. Yes, this one does, and is another reason why I love the UK—it’s the country that keeps on giving.  Another great sign of quality is the way this ale reacts to room temperature; it maintains it's taste structure as it warms up.  Many great ales do this as a sign of brewing quality.  This won’t be my last “pub ale” from the UK. Three cheers! Hip-hip, horay! Hip-hip, horay! Hip-hip, WHO-RAY!!!  I may have to stop by their pub next time I'm in London...hmmmm.

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