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Monday, June 28, 2010


Some days the idea of coming home to a lovely, balanced, ice-cold bitter beer is alright with me; “don’t mind if I do!” And my all-time favorite India Pale Ale (IPA) is Firestone Walker’s Union Jack--it was LUH-ve at first sight and taste! At sight: mesmerizing pure honey-amber in pint glass. At taste: bitter IPA, with a robust hopped up malt of sweet-tart bitterness reminiscent of Ruby Red Grapefruit; bitter hops with balanced lingering malty sweetness. The association got me wonderin,’ “what would happen if I put a shard of Ruby Red Grapefruit in an IPA, such as Union Jack?” Well, I did, and damned if it weren’t somthin’ special! Another amazing nuance of Union Jack is its taste at room temperature: mellow and warm-honey-pepper-hop tones singing of pure lingering texture—the signature of artisan “brew that is true.”

By the way, I am listening to Helen Reddy’s “Ruby Red Dress” a.k.a. “Leave Me Alone.” It’s “L.P.V. Night” when I spin my Long Play Vinyl, and Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits is on now baby! Ironically enough, you don’t want to be bothered when drinkin’ Union Jack—it’s a savory vacation, weighing in at a respectable 7.5% alcohol by volume. So “take it easy,” and savor a true India Pale Ale masterpiece, Union Jack. “Once you’ve tried U-Jack, you never go back!” Har-har…

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