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Thursday, July 8, 2010


St. Peter’s Brewery again, virtually—I bought a pint from BevMo http://www.bevmo.com/, but I wish I were sitting in an English pub sipping this as opposed to Los Angeles. I’m trying their Cream Stout that brings lovely deep complex character with “shout outs” from English toffee, caramel, licorice, malt, and a smooth smokiness to the finish. You should pay careful attention, this stout can disappear quickly after you swallow, so give your palate a treat by swirling it with your tongue, almost like wine but watch the active carbonation which is a nice flavor facilitator. I dig it; a very drinkable stout indeed. I plan on trying all the brews that BevMo offers from this brewery, so far I’ve enjoyed the Organic English Ale (see “Anglophile Strikes Again” post from June 2010) and this lovely stout. I do also have the Sorgham Beer in my fridge at the moment, awaiting its future post “close-up.” If you go to their webpage, check out their “Recipes etc” tab. It might inspire a “treat yourself right night” at home, complete with beer pairing suggestions.

Bring a little "UK Pub" feel to your home experience, drink out of an inspiring pint glass.

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